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Ordinal Satoshis

A limited edition collection of 100 NFTs immortalized on Bitcoin.

Ordinal Satoshis



Ordinal Satoshis celebrates the latest innovation in the world of cryptocurrency: Ordinal Inscriptions. Each of the NFTs represent a Satoshi, the smallest denomination of Bitcoin.

As an owner, you'll have the opportunity to inscribe your NFT directly to the blockchain, creating an Ordinal Inscription. Inscribing your NFT will attach it to a real satoshi on the Bitcoin blockchain, effectively binding your Satoshi to a satoshi, fusing their numismatic and artistic values. This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of Bitcoin history and secure your place in the digital asset landscape.

We'll take care of the inscription process for you, ensuring that your NFT is fully secured on the blockchain forever. Your Ordinal will be sent directly to your wallet, free of charge.

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